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November 2009



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Aug. 18th, 2008

Shounen Onmyouji

I just recently watched this, having heard of it here and there for a while, and it’s delightful. I heartily recommend it. It has good ink and good music and a charming story which sometimes rips out your heart and stomps on it.

SO is the tale of a boy and his demon shikigami. Masahiro, the boy in question, is the grandson of Abe no Seimei, the greatest onmyouji of all time, so a major theme is, of course, his attempt to make his way out of his grandfather’s shadow and stand on his own merits. It helps that he’s a gutsy kid who has what it takes. Once he steps up to his destiny, though, he immediately has to deal with all sorts of Things That Go Bump In The Night, and the (very Heian) history and politics surrounding that make up the major plot. In doing so he has the occasional help of his grandfather’s twelve shikigami, and the constant help of one, in particular.

This one is a total angst-bunny with a Dark Past, and he’s a grumpy woobie to boot. Also darn hot and very devoted to Masahiro. Slashers rejoice, because this almost doesn’t qualify as sub-text. I mean, seriously, during the intro they reach out to each other and lace fingers. (For those who do not follow these things, laced fingers = sex. It’s one of the most unmistakable visual metaphors there is, right up there, for recognizability, with pinky fingers connected by a red thread.) His interactions with Masahiro are the cutest thing in the history of cute.

Het shippers should also rejoice, however, because Masahiro has a het love interest, who is also young and gutsy, if not always sensible. She is, in her person, a locus of politics, which adds interest, because normally Masahiro would be too low in rank to ever marry her. This does not stop them from being amazingly cute, too. She has her own independent interactions with family and shikigami and is actually her own character, which is refreshing.

Seiyuu spotters will also enjoy an all-star cast. Masahiro is voiced by Kaida Yuki, and his pet demon shiki by Konishi Katsuyuki. The young Seimei is done by Ishida Akira. The shikigami seiyuu include Minagawa Junko and Morikawa Toshiyuki. Suwabe Junichi voices one of the villains, and Seki Toshihiko one of the frequent side characters.

The original story is told in a series of light novels, eighteen to date. The anime covers the first two major arcs, which is the first handful of novels. Radio dramas have carried on to cover later arcs, and we can, perhaps, hope for those to be animated eventually.

There were licensing issues with this show, early on, since Genon took it and then tanked, and the conscientious subbers and fans who stopped for the license were left dangling for months and months. In the end, the subbers chose to finish the series, and all twenty-six episodes are available now. I suggest going to isohunt.com and getting the Yoroshiku torrent while we wait to find out whether Funimation will really take over the license and release it officially as has been rumored.

May. 3rd, 2008

Fullmetal Panic? Fumoffu

This series is a sort of continuation from of a fairly standard and not terribly engaging mecha anime, Fullmetal Panic!. I highly recommend it. With this second season/series, it turns from action into romantic comedy and the characters, who were somewhat flat in the first series, fall into place and click with each other delightfully.

Imagine fanon!Heero Yui, an orphan picked up by a military concern who is utterly, direly unsocialized and communicates only in a) grunts or b) over-precise mission reports.

Now imagine that he’s dropped into a Japanese high school, told off to bodyguard a very short-tempered and active young woman who’s busy being class representative. You could call her spirited, but she’d whap you over the head with her harisen for it.

Now imagine they’re falling for each other, each in his or her own rather tongue-tied way, impeded by the usual alternative suitors, her temper, and his lack of socialization, to say nothing of their classmates, teachers and fellow soldiers.

And then there’s the mouse suit.

The production values of this series are better than they were for the first series, possibly because Fumoffu is much shorter. The humor is far more engaging than I usually find romantic comedy humor to be, and I definitely recommend it if you are in the mood for something sweet and funny and still fast-paced.