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November 2009



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Nov. 3rd, 2008


The problem with writing Leorio and Kurapika h/c is that Kurapika is consistently shown to be brisk and capable in an emergency and that doesn’t lend itself  to fluff; and given Leorio’s dedication to the medical profession I can’t believe his professionalism wouldn’t completely take over if it was the other way around.

*sighs*  One more bunny that’s not going anywhere.

On the topic of problematic things, though, the whole notion of tenipuri continuing is making me cringe in anticipation.  Because I remember the bit of gossip, way back, about how Konomi wanted to write them on in high school, and I’m dreadfully afraid that’s what he’s going to do.

And it won’t work.

The thing about shounen sports is that it is, by dramatic necessity, limited to one season unless downright heroic measures are taken to alter the venue and cast.  One season tends to exhaust the dramatic tension.  The progress has been made, the goal has been met, the crown has been won; going another round to do it over just doesn’t work.

Not that Konomi has ever really known how to do dramatic tension, witness the fact that the hero team failed to lose the penultimate climax (aka Regionals).  Losing an important one like that isn’t a genre convention just for the sake of convention; it’s a tried and true way to provide motivation, pathos that helps the readers identify with the heros, and (all together now) dramatic tension to keep the readers engaged.

For an example of how this can be done superbly, over and over, without becoming stale, read Eyeshield 21.

Back to the continuation, though.  What can possibly be left to accomplish? Fuji has started playing for real, Tezuka has taken his team to a Nationals win, Takashi has completed his third year with his friends and has an honorable win as proof of his strength, Echizen has found True Tennis… so what are they supposed to do to keep our interest now?  What goals can they strive toward in high school?

And even if Konomi does the sensible thing and shifts the venue to professional tennis, how can the characters possibly get any stronger?  After the disco ball lights and the two-places-at-once and the floating crack fairies, I’m really a little afraid to ask.