"I talk about the gods, I am an atheist. But I am an artist too, and therefore a liar. Distrust everything I say. I am telling the truth."

--Ursula K. Leguin

November 2009



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Apr. 26th, 2017




There's a Kingsman community here on DW now! *squee* Just in time for the release of the official trailer for Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle. Which I found yesterday and have watched about twenty times since. *g*

Watch it on YouTube!

[community profile] kingsmantailors - it's newly created and of course still empty yet, so please come over and join. It would be so awesome to have some Kingsman fanworks or discussion here on Dreamwidth!

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Apr. 24th, 2017



Issues with Icons

We are aware of issues uploading icons. We will be looking into that this evening.

Edit: This issue is resolved

Apr. 22nd, 2017



DW Anniversary

Seen this all over my dwircle, and well, today is mine, so here you go:

Created on 2009-04-22 04:53:44 (#114546), last updated 2017-04-22 (4 hours ago)
6,251 comments received, 12,278 comments posted
688 Journal Entries, 415 Tags, 0 Memories, 272 Icons

When I created my journal on DW, I was determined to make it my home right away. My history with both LJ and IJ had been rather short (LJ) and not so happy (IJ), and I was all for making a new start.

In 2006 I joined LJ after much persuasion by [personal profile] kennahijja. Until then I was getting by with mailing lists, yahoo groups and reading on archives. It took a bit, but I found journal style fandom to my liking. When HP fandom did their mass exodus to IJ in 2007, I followed them over. After all, spending one year on LJ hardly made me feel any loyalty or nostalgia for the site.

And I liked it well enough on IJ at first, so I bought myself several permanent accounts and a ton of extra icons for very cheap. Fandom life around me was very active, and I had a lot of fun. Until comment rot started to befall my journal. For whatever reason comments simply vanished. Some older ones, but some also freshly posted, right during the time it took me to make a new one.

That problem got magically fixed in 2009, right about when people had started moving over to DW. By then it was too late for me. I had lost several hundred comments and grown slightly bitter about it. I left IJ for DW for good, and although I decided to cross-post to IJ, it was more a thing of backing up my entries instead of inviting discussion over there.

So, my journaling history looks like this:

2006 - 2007 LJ (one year)
2007 - 2009 IJ (two years)
2009 - 2017 DW (eight years)

Yeah, I've been more than twice as long on DW than on both LJ and IJ together.

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Apr. 20th, 2017



Random Fandom Ramblings

So, my tendency towards fandom monogamy sometimes really messes with my enjoyment of new (or simply different) source material, and that can be pretty annoying.

I buy a lot of DVDs (often second hand and very cheap, thanks medimops! And hell, I'm not even going to mention all the stuff I dled), and there's quite a number of movies and shows in my collection that I haven't watched yet. Should be awesome, right? Lots of stuff to watch, yay!

But every time I start something new I run the risk that I completely fall for the new thing. To the point that my current love kinda fades into oblivion. Well, that sounds a bit too strong for what really happens, but yeah. When I'm riding on a fandom high, I'm often very reluctant to watch something new, because that feeling that I just enjoyed so much could stop in the course of a single episode of another show.

It's not a conscious decision on my part, of course, and it's not that I fall out of love with my other fandom(s), exactly. But if I really want to enjoy gorging myself on art/fic/meta/vids/whatever for my current main fandom, I need to be very careful what media I consume during that time.

Yeah...you guessed it already. That weekend DVD binge with [personal profile] thistlechild wasn't really helpful to me in that regard. Only consolation is that I was already throwing side glances at my collection to decide what to watch next, because production of new fanworks for my current obession are starting to trickle away, and it's getting harder and harder finding quality stuff I haven't seen/read yet among the older works.

*sigh* Let me tell you, I like my fandom butterfly phases a lot better than my monogamous ones!

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Apr. 19th, 2017


Disease or injury that causes death of character in fantasy world (made-to-order)

Final edit: Leukemia seems to be the solution - thank you all for your suggestions, even if I couldn't use them! It helped a lot to think through all the possibilities.

So I'm writing a story set in a fantasy world with limited to no technology as we know it (some civilizations know how to use gunpowder to blow up things, but that's not present in this story's civilization). The story is set in an agrarian village (where the men are often training to fight with bow/sword and defend their lands from evil creatures) with a Northern European-style climate. They have the standard sorts of livestock that we would see on an old-style family farm - chickens, pigs, cows or goats, some horses (although these are used as much for transportation between places as anything - sort of all-purpose). They are aware of how to keep things clean and have proper sanitation practices (unlike our medieval world) so diseases from unsanitary conditions are rare.

I'm trying to find a way for this character to die, with the following details:

- she's a woman in her late 20s, which is the prime of her life for this civilization

- if this is an injury, it isn't likely to be horse-related as she wouldn't be dealing with them much; the only body of water nearby is a creek used for water sources (and which she's unlikely to cross)

- while it's possible for her to be pregnant at the time (she's had only one child so far and that was two years before), she's not aware of a pregnancy (so any pregnancy-related complication would need to be something very early on)

- it needs to not be something very infectious that will prevent her from having normal visitors and such while she is dying

- it needs to be something she can tell is turning fatal; she has enough time to recognize that she is not likely to survive and prepare others, which brings me to...

- she has to stay conscious till nearly the end (could have a few hours of lapsing into unconsciousness, but not days), though could be in major pain (as long as she's not confused or unconscious), because she has to be able to talk to several people as she's nearing the end and tell them things for the future

- this can happen sometime from late spring to early fall

- she has been healthy up to this point, so it can't be a disease developing over years

I googled everything from "septicemia" to "tetanus" to "dysentery" to "fatal fever" (which got me some book about Typhoid Mary) to "fatal pregnancy" (just in case I'd missed something there) to "disease fatal" to "medieval disease/death/etc." (every variation I could think of). Septicemia looked useful except for the confusion; tetanus seemed to rule out being able to communicate with the muscle spasms; dysentery is far too gross (I'd rather not have a disease where there is frequent emergence of lots of bodily fluids and other nasty stuff - though if nothing else seems to work, dysentery might be it!); most of the others were far too contagious; and I couldn't find any of the pregnancy complications that looked viable. While I've done a lot of research on illnesses, I am quite open to an injury if there's one that will cause death slow enough for her to have those conversations.

If there's anything out there I can use (real-world diseases, but if there's an old-fashioned name for it I'll be using that), let me know your suggestions! I won't actually be writing her death scene - the POV is of a character who won't be in the room with her at the time, but will be hearing some of the "last words" preparation before she leaves the room, as she's being charged with raising the dying character's child, so I have to know how she'd be speaking (halting? lots of pauses between words? as long as she can get the words out - and then have another 10-minute or so convo with the person who is in the room with her at the time she dies - I'm good).

Edit: Finally just got a hold of a relative with some medical experience, and their suggestion made me want to headdesk because of its simplicity: Cancer. It might be more common in our modern era due to all the pollutants and chemicals we're exposed to, but it still happened back then. Their suggestion was leukemia& Does that fit? And if so, where on earth can I find a description of the disease's progression without medical treatment? Whichever it is needs to only be discovered by this character some weeks before she dies, so maybe her symptoms are too mild before that to be noticed, or it's a variety that develops rapidly&

Apr. 16th, 2017


British (Offensive) Terminology/Terms of Endearment

So, I'm writing this fic that centers around a British character on an American show, and I am not quite sure how to search for the specific information that I need. The story involved a very abusive relationship with an extreme power imbalance. The purpose of the language I'm looking for is for the abuser to make the victim feel worthless and powerless. He has complete authority, the power of life or death, over his unwilling partner, who is for all intents and purposes his slave.

And what I'm needing to know is, what would a British male character call another British male character that would be the equivalent of an American male calling another male his "bitch", and also the equivalent of calling him a whore or a slut?

I am considering also having the abuser call the victim by a term of endearment/pet name. If he was American, I'd use "baby" or "sweetheart" - something that can go either way, either be genuinely affectionate, or patronizing and degrading. Would "love" work for a British character? Or something else? What would you suggest?

Thanks so much for any help y'all can provide with this. :)


Apr. 13th, 2017


[Anon Post] Effects of 10 years of torture and torturing

I'm planning to write for an OC in a Yu-Gi-Oh Season 4 fanfiction. It starts at the beginning of the Season itself, directly after the Great Leviathan (one of the Original Series' two Evil Gods (in the Anime at least)) is temporarily driven off, meaning for fans who know of this point in the Anime that it's set in Domino City, Japan, in the nighttime. Yugi and his friends hear someone crying out for help right after the above event and it turns out to be my OC torturing someone.

My OC's name is Apollo. He's been possessed by Zorc Necrophades (the OTHER, canon Evil God) and Exodia in the form of the Exodia Necross card since the age of five. The fic is called More than One Face.

To reveal SOME of Apollo's past and character without going over the character limit, Apollo was raised form Ages 6-8 by an adoptive family for two years and then tortured by them (his first was violently knifed by one of their number, among other things that happened that night) at the age of 9 until after he turned 10. They turned out to be a cult dedicated to Zorc and world destruction, so raising and then torturing him was For the Evulz and to make him hate the world enough to want to destroy it like they do. The methods included and thus far are limited to: Psychic Assault, Electric Torture, Starvation, and being violently knifed like his first family. He blew this second "family" up before the end of the year.

He became a torturer himself at the age of 12, his methods being burning people in various ways and to varying extents, and beating them to a bloody pulp, with both usually being combined. He only tortures people who've done immoral things and/or have attempted to do immoral things themselves, and he enjoys it. He DOES care whether or not there are innocent onlookers because he doesn't want to traumatize innocent people after the first time it happened. He also wants his victims to show remorse for their crimes, to the point that they're willing to change, or at least make a good effort.

Apollo's 15 years old by the start of the story, and of course, Zorc's been slowly driving him insane. Apollo has demonic delusions, which help him more "naturally" enjoy the torture he inflicts. Zorc reinforces his demonic delusions, makes him hallucinate, and generally tries to get him to kill again. When Zorc's the one making Apollo hallucinate/it's not his own mind, Zorc specifically makes him hallucinate the people he cares/cared about, ALWAYS with a negative component.

Overall, Apollo's Conflicted, Broken, Disturbed, Traumatized, Childish, Impulsive, Distrustful, Stubborn, Bitter, Hateful, Fearful, Hypocritical, Hopeful, and Helpless.

My question is: What mental disorder(s) would someone have after the above and with the above characteristics?

Of course, there's the demonic delusions, the hallucinations, and he also has PTSD, flashbacks included. I'm thinking either Psychotic Depression or Undifferentiated Schizophrenia for psychotic disorders, given the delusions, hallucinations, and the fact that he hates himself. Not just for what he currently does, either. I suppose it largely comes down to whether or not Apollo believes his delusions and/or hallucinations are real? I researched others and basically went through a process of elimination, but I may well have erred by doing so or maybe none of my choices actually fit. As for fire setter categories, I did some research on that, too, and I've also been told that Apollo would be in the Troubled category, which as far as I've researched is NOT the same as Pyromania.


I researched NAMI on Psychosis, Early Psychosis and Psychotic Depression, NIMH on PTSD and Schizophrenia, Mayoclinic on PTSD causes, Webmd on Major Depression, APA on different fire setter types, MedlinePlus on Psychotic Disorders, Youtube on Delusions and Psychotic Depression, and Mentalhealthdaily on Undifferentiated Schizophrenia causes. Among others.

If I'm contradicting myself or need to put in more information, please let me know. If anyone feels the need to send me a PM, my fanfiction.net account name is Shadowking2015.